Rancho Bonanza Reopens with new Covid-19 Protocols

We are delighted to announce the reopening of Bonanza Ranch. In order to safeguard the health and safety of all our visitors and employees, we have worked around the clock to introduce new Covid-19 mitigation protocols.

Reception of guests

We temperature check all visitors upon arrival with a digital laser thermometer. Guests are then required to step into a sanitizing tub to disinfect their shoes. At the entrance to the ranch, mouth guards and gloves will be provided if the guest does not have their own.

Entrance to the ranch

Once entering the ranch, the first thing we do is to take each guest to the hand wash station. The wash station has no contact with any surfaces. Here, soap, towels and antibacterial gel are provided.

Check-in Entrance

At the check-in entrance, there are pre-sanitized benches safely distanced apart, for seating our guests. Here, a registration log is kept as well as the tour safety disclaimer.

All materials used to complete the registration process and waiver are disinfected e.g. pens and tables where guests fill out the forms. In addition, antibacterial gel is applied to the hands once the paperwork is completed. A pre-sanitized safety helmet is then given to the guest.

Entrance to the Corral

In the corral, guests receive a safety briefing about how to ride their horse. During the briefing, guests will need to stand on the marked spaces to comply with safe distancing protocol.  The horse will be brought to them. All items that come into direct contact with the clients are disinfected including; the rein, the mount and the entire saddle.

Arrival at the Sinkhole

When our guests descend into the cenote, antibacterial gel will be provided at the seated changing area. Guests are shown where to get changed. Each changing room is individual.   Every time the guest enters or leaves the changing room, it is disinfected with sanitizing spray.

We also have a rest area with chairs that are placed at 1.5 meter intervals. The same sanitizing procedure takes place when guests leave the cenote to get changed.  Once leaving the cenote, our guests are offered snacks, which are provided by the guides with the proper sanitary measures.

Bonanza Ranch offers an exciting and unique way to experience nature and was the proud recipient of Trip Advisor´s Certificate of Excellence 2018.”

For reservations anf further information contact us  at https://www.ranchobonanzacancun.com/contact.html

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