Tripadvisor Traveler´s Choice 2020


* Tripadvisor recognized this natural site as the tour with the most positive opinions among 74 activities in Puerto Morelos and the Riviera Maya

* With 27 rescued horses, this tour in the Maya jungle is ranked as the number one attraction in Mexico by the Viator agency – the world’s leading tour and activity company among travelers

Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico (April 2021) Tripadvisor has recognized Rancho Bonanza as the number one ecotourism activity from amongst 74 outdoor activities in the Mexican Caribbean, for combining attractive jungle adventures for nature lovers.

The US online platform that collects millions of opinions from travelers about businesses in the tourism sector, ranked this natural sanctuary by Grupo Lomas as the standout favorite in the Puerto Morelos and Riviera Maya area.

Rancho Bonanza also received the largest number of positive opinions from families that have participated in this horse riding tour. For this reason, Viator agency, the world’s leading tour and activity company amongst travelers rank Rancho Bonanza as the number one attraction in Mexico.

Located within the El Dorado Royale hotel property, Rancho Bonanza includes among its attractive activities an original horseback ride through beautiful jungle landscapes and fruit tree plantations, where you can observe monkeys, exotic birds, and other species of fauna.

In addition to riding through the verdant Maya jungle, you can swim in a beautiful natural cenote, try artisanal chewing gum, have an up-close encounter with Melipona bee hives (non-harmful), and taste 100 percent natural bee honey with curative properties. Besides that, you can interact with 27 rescued and rehabilitated horses and donkeys.

“The very beautiful horse ride and the story that Esmeralda told us about the emergence of chewing gum was very interesting”, commented one of the astonished visitors.

“I would like to highly recommend this tour. The collaborators were incredible, very kind, and made the trip a lot of fun with their stories about the Maya culture,” wrote another fascinated visitor to the ecotourism ranch.

Bonanza Ranch won the Tripadvisor Travelers Choice award in 2019 and is certified as a Socially Responsible Company.

Rancho Bonanza is a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, the world’s largest network of leaders in adventure travel committed to sustainable tourism. It also proudly boasts the Safe Travel Seal and the Lomas Safe Travel initiative that guarantees adherence to the strictest safety and hygiene protocols, for the benefit of all its visitors and employees.

Bonanza Ranch is Tripadvisor’s Travelers Choice

Tripadvisor Traveler´s Choice 2020

TripAdvisor is the leading source of online travel reviews. Bonanza Ranch in Puerto Morelos, Mexico features prominently as a Traveler’s Choice. In this blog, we share some of the most recent reviews from our visitors and introduce you to an ideal tour for nature and horse lovers located in the heart of the Riviera Maya.

Nature lovers enjoying the Bonanza trail

Bonanza Ranch Tour Overview

The tour combines two popular jungle adventures in just one day: horseback riding through the jungle and swimming in a natural cenote. This outing is perfect for nature lovers who appreciate horseback riding at a canter. At Rancho Bonanza, you will discover the natural wonders of the Yucatan peninsula. You don’t need to bring anything with you to the ranch. A horseback riding guide, riding equipment as well as water and light snacks. In fact, you don’t need to worry about transportation to and from the ranch either, because this excursion includes round-trip transportation.

About Bonanza Ranch

We offer a unique and exciting way for you to interact with the natural beauty of the Maya Riviera. At Bonanza Ranch, we only use healthy, well-trained horses, suitable for first-timers and intermediate riders.

Our tours are semi-private and consist of groups of up to 12 riders. This way, everyone receives personal attention from our friendly, knowledgeable guides. We are easy to find in Puerto Morelos on the outskirts of Cancun.

While on the riding trail, look out for various exotic species of birds, iguanas, butterflies and shy creatures such as spider monkeys and coatis. As you marvel at all the wondrous sights and sounds of nature, our guides provide an entertaining narrative along the trails. For example, you’ll pass through a local plantation and follow the path that leads you to visit a deep natural sinkhole. This is a common feature that you will only find in the Yucatan jungle. This resulted from the gradual erosion of limestone bedrock that now exposes groundwater underneath.

At the end of the ride, you will have an opportunity to take a refreshing swim in our open-air Cenote and enjoy some cool refreshments. Private tours can be offered for advanced riders upon request. We recommend that you bring bug spray, sunscreen, closed-toe shoes, a bathing suit & a towel. Be ready to enjoy a different way to spend your day. WIFI is available on site.

You are in for a real treat at Bonanza Ranch but don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the comments that our visitors have posted on Tripadvisor.

Is Horse Riding Good for You? 5 Surprising Facts Revealed!

Tripadvisor Traveler´s Choice

Yes, it is! Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, riding horses gives you significant health benefits – physical, psychological, and some say spiritual benefits. Riding horses provides good physical all-body exercise. And some argue that by riding horses, they make a connection between themselves, the horse, and the environment around them, resulting in a somewhat spiritual experience. 

Physical Benefits

Horse riding offers all types of physical benefits. According to Dr. Alison Stout riding horses strengthens your core stomach and back muscles, helps improve your balance and coordination, works on improving your muscle tone and your level of flexibility. Plus, depending upon the type of riding that you do, riding a horse can provide a good level of cardiovascular exercise.

Core Strength

Riding a horse requires the rider to use many muscles and muscle groups, in particular your core (abdomen and back) as well as your legs. For example, one way to collect your horse or to slow it down is to sit up tall in the saddle, contract your abs, and slow your hip movement. Show jumpers and eventers use their core strength when jumping fences, mostly to sit up and steady the horse’s pace in order to meet the jump correctly. In addition to strengthening your core by doing exercises (sit-ups), Pilates, etc., horse riding will not only help to strengthen your core muscles, but will also enable you to ride better.


Riding and just being around horses has tremendous psychological benefits. Research shows that horse riding, working them on the ground, or just being around them gives you a calming effect – your breathing slows, your motions slow down, your mind clears, you talk more softly, and you simply become relaxed.


Spiritual experiences in life are very personal and individual. Remember that a horse is a living and breathing animal, as are you. Some horse owners and riders describe a special bond that they have with their horse. Once a rider has mastered the art of riding and experienced a sense of confidence, those who open themselves to create another level of connectedness with their horse say that it is truly spiritual.

Riding Horses Is Good!

Winston Churchill once said, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” Both men and women who spend time around horses, including in the saddle, agree with Churchill. Horses bring us such joy! They help us keep fit. They help us improve our sense of well-being and happiness. And, for some, they provide a spiritual experience. Horses are strong and fragile at the same time. Taking time to be around horses is really good for our overall health!

Bonanza Ranch completes Tripadvisor Awards Grand Slam

Tripadvisor Traveler´s Choice

Bonanza Ranch has completed the grand slam of Tripadvisor´s Travelers´ Choice awards within the Grupo Lomas family of brands.

Tripadvisor Traveler´s Choice 2020

Following a full year of Tripadvisor reviews, Bonanza Ranch joins El Dorado Royale, El Dorado Casitas Royale, El Dorado Maroma, El Dorado Seaside Suites, El Cielo Winery and Hidden Beach amongst the top 10% of hospitality businesses around the globe.

Tripadvisor Traveler´s Choice 2020

Grupo Lomas co-founder President Sra. Dolores López Lira comments; “We are truly proud that all our experiential brands are Tripadvisor Traveler´s Choice winners. Great credit goes to all of our employees who consistently maintain excellent quality standards. We also wish to thank the thousands of travelers that take the time to write reviews of their experiences on Tripadvisor.”

Kanika Soni, Chief Commercial Officer at Tripadvisor says; “Winners of the 2020 Travelers’ Choice Awards should be proud of this recognition. Although it’s been a challenging year for travel and hospitality, we want to celebrate our partners’ achievements. Award winners are beloved for their exceptional service and quality. Not only are these winners well-deserving, but they are also a great source of inspiration for travelers as the world begins to venture out again.”

About Lomas Travel Group

Lomas Travel Group is a Destination Management Company founded by Sra. Dolores López Lira and Sr. José Luis Martínez Alday. With its headquarters in Cancún, Quintana Roo, Lomas Travel Group creates unforgettable experiences for thousands of visitors worldwide. Lomas Travel Group´s principal services include the award-winning portfolio of Dorado luxury hotels (Royale, Maroma, Casitas, Seaside), which also feature the first Palafitos over the water in México. Lomas Travel Group also offers the largest ground transportation fleet in Southeastern México.

By the same token, Lomas Travel Group provides premium quality tours and activities in Cancún and the Riviera Maya (www.lomastravel.com). Lomas Travel Group is one of the main wedding organizers in the region (www.weddingsbylomastravel.com). The Group´s award-winning philanthropic work includes the Lomas Foundation (http://www.fundacionlomas.com), which continually supports higher education scholarship.

About Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel platform*, helps 463 million travelers each month** make every trip their best trip. Travelers across the globe use the Tripadvisor site and app to browse more than 860 million reviews and opinions of 8.7 million accommodations, restaurants, experiences, airlines, and cruises. Whether planning or on a trip, travelers turn to Tripadvisor to compare low prices on hotels, flights, and cruises, book popular tours and attractions, as well as reserve tables at great restaurants. Tripadvisor, the ultimate travel companion, is available in 49 markets and 28 languages.

Media Enquiries: Elliot Bullman +52 998 881 94 ebullman.marketing@grupolomas.co

Rancho Bonanza Reopens with new Covid-19 Protocols

We are delighted to announce the reopening of Bonanza Ranch. In order to safeguard the health and safety of all our visitors and employees, we have worked around the clock to introduce new Covid-19 mitigation protocols.

Reception of guests

We temperature check all visitors upon arrival with a digital laser thermometer. Guests are then required to step into a sanitizing tub to disinfect their shoes. At the entrance to the ranch, mouth guards and gloves will be provided if the guest does not have their own.

Entrance to the ranch

Once entering the ranch, the first thing we do is to take each guest to the hand wash station. The wash station has no contact with any surfaces. Here, soap, towels and antibacterial gel are provided.

Check-in Entrance

At the check-in entrance, there are pre-sanitized benches safely distanced apart, for seating our guests. Here, a registration log is kept as well as the tour safety disclaimer.

All materials used to complete the registration process and waiver are disinfected e.g. pens and tables where guests fill out the forms. In addition, antibacterial gel is applied to the hands once the paperwork is completed. A pre-sanitized safety helmet is then given to the guest.

Entrance to the Corral

In the corral, guests receive a safety briefing about how to ride their horse. During the briefing, guests will need to stand on the marked spaces to comply with safe distancing protocol.  The horse will be brought to them. All items that come into direct contact with the clients are disinfected including; the rein, the mount and the entire saddle.

Arrival at the Sinkhole

When our guests descend into the cenote, antibacterial gel will be provided at the seated changing area. Guests are shown where to get changed. Each changing room is individual.   Every time the guest enters or leaves the changing room, it is disinfected with sanitizing spray.

We also have a rest area with chairs that are placed at 1.5 meter intervals. The same sanitizing procedure takes place when guests leave the cenote to get changed.  Once leaving the cenote, our guests are offered snacks, which are provided by the guides with the proper sanitary measures.

Bonanza Ranch offers an exciting and unique way to experience nature and was the proud recipient of Trip Advisor´s Certificate of Excellence 2018.”

For reservations anf further information contact us  at https://www.ranchobonanzacancun.com/contact.html

Melipona Honey, nature`s best wound healer

Stingless bee honey is a precious bee product of the stingless bee. Stingless bee honey is different from that produced by the bees of the genus Apis (i.e., the honey bee) in terms of its color, taste and viscosity (Almeida-Muradian et al., 2014Guerrini et al., 2009).

At Rancho Bonanza we harvest the honey directly from the forest from the meliponary.

The melipona bee in its natural habitat

Melipona honey has traditionally been consumed directly. It is used in numerous medical practices:

There is solid evidence (numerous cases and scientific studies) showing that honey Melipona (stingless bees) contains bioactive compounds such as proteins, flavonoids, and polyphenols. With its high antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity, Melipona honey is a natural product indicated for the treatment of diseases, even serious ones like cancer.

Science shows that Melipona honey`s chemopreventive and immunoregulatory properties have served in the remission of degenerative diseases.

Some of the beneficial effects of Melipona honey are:​

  • Moisturizing effect on the skin, great for the honey Face Mask
  • Wound healing Properties
  • Treatment of respiratory system diseases such as asthma and bronchitis
  • Treatment of eye diseases such as conjunctivitis, glaucoma, and cataracts
  • To relieve coughs, sore throats, and mouth ulcers
  • Gastrointestinal tract diseases
  • Ease menstrual period pain
  • Supplementary aid to kill harmful bacteria and cancer cells, especially mouth and colon.
  • Cholesterol and lipid-lowering effects in cardiovascular diseases
  • Increase energy and stamina

Melipona bees can only produce 350g-1000g of honey per year. A colony produces less than 1kg (735ml) per year which accounts for why it is expensive.

Melipona bees at Bonanza Ranch

When you take a tour at Rancho Bonanza we take you to our meliponary. After a short explanation of the honey making process and health benefits, we invite you to try the honey.

At the end of the tour you can buy melipona honey at our souvenir store. A 1oz jar/28 grams currently costs 180 MXN pesos or 10USD. Typically you will pay a retail price of at least $500 pesos for this quantity eslewhere.

If you would like to learn more about melipona bee culture, please leave a comment below.

Better still, come and visit us next time you are in the Riviera Maya. We will be delighted to give you a tour of the ranch. We guarantee that you will fall in love with nature on a gentle horseback trail through the Maya jungle.

Chewing gum: legacy of the Maya at Bonanza Ranch

The Maya civilization left a rich cultural legacy which includes important gastronomic traditions, a good example of this is the manufacturing of chewing gum. They produced it and used it as an oral hygiene product; they called it “sicte”, which means vital fluid or blood in reference to the sap that flows inside trees, and which is the main ingredient in chewing gum.

Bonanza Ranch is a natural and well-preserved natural area ideally located in what used to be a Maya region, this is why it is still possible to find the source of such ingredient. If you would like to learn more about chewing gum’s history and manufacturing process you may want to continue reading this article.

Maya chewing gum history

The Maya used “sicte” for cleaning their gums because they knew of the antibacterial properties found in sapodilla’s tree sap. In order to produce this useful product they first had to obtain the sap by making some cuts through the tree’s bark. This technique has been passed from generation to generation till now.

The industrialization of chewing gum began during the 19th century when Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was living in exile in New York and introduced the product to the American scientist Thomas Adams.
Some years later the people that got established on the Maya region found chewing gum production very profitable, which later on spread along the whole state of Quintana Roo.

Chewing gum’s original manufacturing process

Nowadays the manufacturing process has become artificial and chewing gum is also consumed as candy.
However, there are still some Mexican companies, such as Chicza, that up to this time continue to use the original technique which consists of collecting a sufficient amount of sap from the tree by making zigzag-shape cuts through its bark, the next step is to boil it, add flavorings (Chicza chewing gum contains natural flavorings such as sugarcane juice, peppermint extract, agave syrup and a mix of secret ingredients), and once it has cooled down, the final product is ready for packaging and distribution.

Now that you have learned a little more about how chewing gum is made, come to Bonanza Ranch and see the sapodilla tree yourself, and also find Chicza’s chewing gum here at our souvenir store. Continue reading our blog where you will find interesting and useful articles, as well as the latest recommendations about our activities.

Bonanza Ranch and UMA Rancho San Salvador unite to Save the Melipona Bee

Mexico has 47 species of bee and 16 are found only in tropical areas. After the recent introduction of foreign species, many beekeepers began to favor European or African bees because they produced larger quantities of honey.

Increasingly, the Mayan beekeeping tradition has been in serious danger of dying out. Worse yet, populations of stingless bees have declined with deforestation while beekeepers less frequently pass on the tradition to younger generations as they move to cities.

Environmental threat

Apart from the loss of cultural heritage and medicinal honey, this poses a severe environmental threat. Critically, the Melipona bee is the only species capable of pollinating certain plants and fauna.

Their nests consist of small “honey pots” instead of the honeybee’s regular combs. And as their name implies, they lack stingers and are generally less aggressive than honeybees, making them easier to raise. They’re kept as “pets” in many places and can often be tended to by children.

Stingless bees are pickier than their European counterparts about what flowers they visit, making them important for keeping certain tropical forests healthy. The Melipona are the main pollinators of many species of flora in the Yucatan. If we lose these bees, we lose the plants. Because many of the plants in this region can only be pollinated by these bees; another species will not do.

To counter this trend, Bonanza Ranch has joined forces with UMA Rancho San Salvador, a company experienced in sustainable development and nature conservation, to protect the plant fauna of the Yucatan. Rancho Bonanza and UMA will work towards the conservation of the melipona species by promoting the setup and construction of new meliponarios, groups who keep meliponas.

Rancho Bonanza`s vast flora located in 160 hectares of conservation forest in Puerto Morelos offers the ideal conditions for stingless bees to thrive. Rancho Bonanza is abundant with dzidzilché a bush with beautiful white flowers which meliponas feed almost exclusively on.

Rancho Bonanza and UMA Rancho San Salvador`s mission is threefold:

1. Promote the sexual reproduction of diverse species of flora, including the mangrove through natural pollination with the use of native bee species.

2. Promote the conservation of these colonies of native bees.

3. Transmit the knowledge acquired to people interested in learning.
Because there are so many different species of stingless, or meloponine, bees, they produce a wide variety of honey. Its taste has been variously described as sweeter than the honeybee’s product, often with a delightful floral aftertaste.

Melipona honey is unique for its flavor, medicinal value, antibiotic properties, nutritional value and cultural significance because of its sacred use in Mayan ceremonies and rituals. Melipona honey is a bit runny and the flavor pleasantly acidic.

Honey´s medicinal properties

The principal medicinal value of honey arises from its antibacterial properties when used as a wound dressing. Numerous reports attest to its antibiotic properties, no surprise to native people worldwide who use it to treat eye infections and wounds. Studies have hinted that it might help deter cancer.

Combining Animal Welfare and Conservation with Travel at Bonanza Ranch


Mexico is very commonly known for its unique and delicious food, but if you travel here as an animal lover or eco-warrior, you will also have the opportunity to try so many different experiences while also helping people, animals, and the environment!

Bonanza Ranch in Riviera Maya is an example of a small family run horseback riding center that has rescued and nursed back to wellness countless species of animals that would otherwise have perished due to neglect.

Part of the magic that you will experience at Bonanza Ranch is the unconditional love that our four legged friends display to our visitors. Maya the three legged dog and Valentino the Alsatian are always on the lookout for a treat and a hug.

Whether you’re interested in preserving Mexico´s unique underground rivers system or wildlife conservation, there is something meaningful for everyone who visits Bonanza Ranch.

You can make a difference in the lives of so many animals, and continue changing and making the world a better place.

During your visit, you’ll learn so much about Mexican fauna and have the chance to meet our friendly guides who bring the Bonanza experience to life in a unique and interesting way with anecdotes about Mexico´s fascinating history.

Each time you visit the ranch you will learn something new as you explore the cenotes and the densely vegetated jungle fauna. You can even show off your Spanish speaking skills with our staff and animals.

Both are bilingual by the way!

As a visitor, you will have a lot of questions about the surroundings and many of our patrons have stayed involved with the ranch even long after they have returned home. And every time they return to the Riviera Maya, they come back to visit our stables to catch up on how their four-legged friends are doing.

Visit Bonanza Ranch and do more than you could have ever imagined. You will make lifelong friends, lasting memories, and perhaps even change the lives of those around you.




Bonanza Ranch discontinues plastic water bottles

Every year, each Mexican citizen consumes 200 PET bottles which amounts to 300 million tons of plastics. A high percentage of this ends up in rivers and seas.

At the present time, Mexico still doesn`t have the necessary infrastructure or recycling processes to reduce the high impact that this waste causes to the ecosystem.

Meantime, Rancho Bonanza`s visitors and friends cherish the beauty of our natural location for its tourism development and entertainment value.

Nature lovers enjoying the Bonanza trail

With this in mind, everyone in the company is committed to ongoing environmental conservation. Therefore, as a measure of ecological sustainability, Rancho Bonanza is pleased to announce that since 18th September 2019, we have ceased to offer our guests water in PET bottles.

So from now on, we are providing our guests with purified water by Bonafont.

In this way, we are collectively contributing to the planet, its inhabitants and to our future generations.