Bonanza Ranch discontinues plastic water bottles

Every year, each Mexican citizen consumes 200 PET bottles which amounts to 300 million tons of plastics. A high percentage of this ends up in rivers and seas.

At the present time, Mexico still doesn`t have the necessary infrastructure or recycling processes to reduce the high impact that this waste causes to the ecosystem.

Meantime, Rancho Bonanza`s visitors and friends cherish the beauty of our natural location for its tourism development and entertainment value.

Nature lovers enjoying the Bonanza trail

With this in mind, everyone in the company is committed to ongoing environmental conservation. Therefore, as a measure of ecological sustainability, Rancho Bonanza is pleased to announce that since 18th September 2019, we have ceased to offer our guests water in PET bottles.

So from now on, we are providing our guests with purified water by Bonafont.

In this way, we are collectively contributing to the planet, its inhabitants and to our future generations.